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1. What is Digital Marketing?

Before the digital era, to promote your product or services, we use traditional marketing campaigns like radio, TV, print media and many more, in this digital era, marketing must be very dynamic and cost-effective. This can be achieved by promoting products and services using social media, search engines, mobile applications, web applications, websites, etc. is called digital marketing. With all these tools one thing in common, it is nothing but the internet.

Digital Marketing Channels

Many of us feel digital marketing is a difficult task, if you feel difficult, I am here to change your mindset. It’s very simple, we need to follow below basic of digital marketing, which are explained in detail in the following sections.

  • Setting up goals
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Communication skills
  • Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.
  • Niche selection (Finding the right Niche)
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding

2. Basic of Digital Marketing

a) Setting up goals and act on them

Is goal setting important? The answer is always “Yes”. Many of fail, because we don’t set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals.

Smart Goals

Setting SMART goals and acting on them will turn your feature vision into reality.

b) Fundamentals of Marketing

Before going into details of digital marketing, First, let us understand “What is marketing? It is nothing but delivering customer satisfaction while making a profit. To satisfaction a customer, marketing depends on four principles called 4Ps’ (Product, Price, Promotion and Place), so marketing is understanding customer needs and building a product that fits.

Principles of Marketing

Marketing is all about,

  • Understanding the business
  • Sending the right messages to the targeted customer at the right time
  • It not all about selling, it is to retain the customer with you, engage them, with your communication and selling different products to them
  • Trust your customer
  • Building a brand (Amazon, Apple, Google, TATA, etc.) to capture in the minds of the customer, this can be achieved by not selling low-quality products

Marketing is existing ever since the first civilization started market squares and marketing can never be replaced, the channel of marketing may change but marketing exists as long as customer exists on earth.

c) Communication skills

Communication is the key to success for any business, I know, everyone agrees with me. To be good at communication, many of us feel, one need to be good at grammar or vocabulary, but one should understand, how your views are communicated to audience/customers, not the grammar or vocabulary.

Communication Skills

Now comes the question, how to improve your communication skills? Just follow the below tips, daily to improve your communication skills

  • Listening skills (watching movies, seminars, webinars, stand-up comedy shows etc.)
  • Speaking skills
  • Reading skills (30 minutes daily)
  • Writing skills( 500 words as day)
  • Nonverbal skills: Observe, interpret the body language of good speakers

d) Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

In the introduction to this article, we clearly understood what is Traditional and Digital marketing? Now let me ask one question to you. Does every product and services require digital marketing? If the answer is yes, then you are wrong. For example, to sell Apple iPhone (Generic product) digital marketing is not necessary, why because? We can promote the iPhone via television (non-digital medium) so that it reaches to a wider audience with low cost.

Digital VS Non-Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, it is important to understand what are digital/non-digital products/services? and who are the digital and non-digital audience?

e) Niche selection (Finding the right Niche)

To be a good Digital Marketing, Niche selection is very important. Now comes the question, what is a niche? It is very simple, selecting a product or services based on customer needs and Niche selection depends on talent, passion and market.

Niche Selection

Even if you fail in one, your business will fail. This, I will explain with one example, you have talent and passion but no one buys your product and ultimately your business will fail and make sure you have the three of them to find the right niche with the below considerations.

  • Identify your interests and passions (make a minimum list of 20)
  • Identify problems, you can solve to the list identified. (Narrow down the Niche)
  • Research your competition
  • Determine the profitability of your niche
  • Test your idea

f) CATT Marketing Funnel

In Digital marketing, after selecting the right niche, the marketing funnel is very much important, this funnel will be useful for us to convert the leads to prospects and prospects to customer. This I will explain to you with CATT marketing funnel, designed by my guru Digital Deepak (To learn more about digital marketing, visit

CATT is not a just fancy abbreviation, CATT means: Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction. This can be applied to any type of business you can think off.

CATT Funnel

1. Content

It is the topmost layer of the funnel and centre of all marketing campaigns, Now I will explain to you, why content is important? To every niche, we have targeted audience and how can these audiences attract you? We can make your audience attract you with the help of content and the content can be a blog or a podcast or a video or any social media. When they attract you, now the journey starts with sharing of contact details like email and phone number with you

2. Attention

Now comes the second layer of the funnel. Once your audience attracts to you, now you need to make your audience pay attention or create traffic to your content and this can be done using tools like SEO, Social media, Paid Ads, Referrals, etc.

3. Trust

Now comes the third layer of the funnel. After creating attention, now we need to make your audience trust you. This we can-do using tripwires, marketing automation and retargeting. Without building the trust of your audience, you cannot make them, buy your products or services. Trust creates when you interacting with your audience personally (one to one mails or conversations), this is nothing but building a personal brand.

4. Transaction

Now comes the fourth and final layer of the funnel. Business or transaction happens, when someone gives attention to your content and trusts you. Now getting a transaction is not a big deal, because that person knows that he/she is not throwing money away for anything and with this transaction, he knows, he is getting the benefit of it.

g) Integrated Digital Marketing

By this time, you are aware of various digital marketing tools or strategies like Content marketing, SEO, Paid Ads, Email Marketing and Social media.

Every individual strategy has their impact and doesn’t create a huge impact, and many of the digital Marketers failed to create their online presence using them individually, but when all these are integrated, as shown above, you can create a huge impact on your online presence.

In the previous section, you learnt about CATT marketing funnel, where all these strategies are used at varies stages of the funnel, i.e. why your Wealth = n^ CATT

h) Personal Branding and why it is important

1. Personal Brand

In this digital era, branding is important, you see many brand companies make huge profits because of the brand image, so why can’t a person do this. Now let us take an example of TATA brand, it got its brand name, because of the personal brand of Ratan Tata, likewise, we have many personalities (Azim Premji, Our PM Modi Ji, Narayan Murthy, Mukesh Ambani) and in Digital marketing we have Digital Deepak, so create, personal brand of yours to attract an audience to you.

2. Why it is important?

Developing a personal brand takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight, once you create it, benefits are endless, both personally and professionally.
• Trust : In Digital marketing it is very important because people trust you when you have a brand image.
• Helps you to stand out of the crowd
• Creates opportunities

3. Conclusion

In this article we have discussed various concepts of digital marketing, just implement these concepts with the below “Mass Trust” mantra mastering digital marketing is not difficult any more.

“Mass Trust” Mantra by Digital Deepak

Kindly share your thoughts by commenting below, which helps me to write more articles. I appreciate your valuable time to read this article.

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